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Confidential secret assignments for business

BJS offers fulfilment of various confidential assignments for individuals and legal entities. The Detective Agency is a professional lawyers’ team who have great work experience at the law enforcement authorities. They will always help to find a solution for many and seemingly unsolvable issues. Our experts may be entrusted with any tasks that require delicate and professional approach. They will successfully fulfil them in the shortest possible time and furnish a detailed report to the Customer.

Assignments may be difficult and nonstandard, when an issue may be solved by a detective agency only. For example, when a company or a person needs to represent their interests and positions at the high professional level but due to the lack of knowledge and skills they cannot do it. In such cases, one may seek help from the BJS’ agents.

Our employees may be entrusted your secrets without being afraid of the subsequent result and that personal information will go outside a narrow circle of persons.

What may secret assignments be?

  • obtaining of information on the issue of interest;
  • services in solution of situations with private and governmental structures;
  • verification of actual location of people and companies at the specified addresses;
  • arrangement of escort and security (physical, informational);
  • holding or preparation of negotiations;
  • mediatory services in opening of offshore accounts;
  • mediatory services in purchase, payment and delivery;
  • escort, photo and video recording of events that take place;
  • reception and escort services;
  • dispatch and delivery of valuable cargo;
  • services of independent observers and mystery consumers;
  • services in search of people.

The assignments may consist of one or more services, be fulfilled once or constantly. The assignments are fulfilled by BJS employees with subsequent detailed report on the work performed to the customer. An agent always acts under control: control of missions, furnishing of information on the current status of the customer’s case. The assignment are executed legally and certified by a notary.

The agent may fulfil the given assignment in whatever territory. It may be various cities of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the USA as well as European countries: Germany, Austria, Italy etc.

All assignments are always fulfilled in compliance with the legislation of those countries where the agent performs the task given by the customer.

What is confidentiality?

Confidentiality (Lat. trust) is information accessible to a defined circle of persons and is not subject to wide publicity.

At the customer’s option, our employees may provide services of confidential assignment, protect it by encrypting the information transmission channels, phone, Internet channels etc. which will help to protect from the information leakage problems. This is not an exhaustive list of confidential services offered by our company: we assume even the most nonstandard assignments.


ATTENTION! When fulfilling any assignment, BSJ is guided by the principle of legality and acts in the framework of the Ukrainian legislation.

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