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Finding a person in Kyiv and search for people in Ukraine

Nowadays, search of people in Ukraine is one of the most demanded services which both individuals and companies apply for. Many people are missing, especially in Kyiv and the regions. In the metropolitan megalopolis, there is a higher probability to be added to the statistics of missing people. In such situations, family members and relatives seek for help and protection from public services relying on the law enforcement bodies and the authority having found no other option, expect for effective assistance from the state. But effectiveness of such search often is too low and not always yields the expected result.


There also are the situations when one needs to restore a lost contact and establish relationships with relatives with whom the communication was interrupted and it is impossible to learn about a person’s destiny and location from an address bureau or by the surname.


BJS collects any information about individuals including:


  • registered home address;
  • passport and taxation data;
  • information on incomes and immovable property;
  • information on exits abroad;
  • any other information at the customer’s option.


Our experienced employees are also able to find a person using incomplete data, to verify information furnished by an individual or to ascertain a real home address and a phone number.

There are many reasons for searching for a person but in case of the missing, it is utterly important to consider the time factor.

BJS Detective Agency’s professionals with their great experience in search of people will help:

  • to find a person in the shortest possible time with minimum information using the state-of-the-art technologies and equipment;
  • by phone number or IMEI;
  • by surname;
  • by a vehicle registration number;
  • by a social network account;
  • by an identification card number;
  • select special methods and professional approach to each specific case.

All these will be conductive to effective search results, which is evidenced by numerous references from our thankful customers.

Search of fraudsters and debtors

None is guaranteed against fraud; nowadays, everyone may fall into an intricate and carefully thought out trap of a fraudster, and information left by such persons about themselves may appear untrue. Sometimes, for various reasons, officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are not able to help to find the missing or a person with criminal background, a fraudster. Nowadays, there are a lot of methods and possibilities not to fall into hands of justice for a long time and to hide oneself in a town and the country, to freely move and reside in Ukraine. Also there are cases of search of debtors. People who have owed a great amount frequently are not in hurry with repaying the debt and try to hide themselves, and financial independency helps the debtors to feel confident and hide themselves more effectively.

Search of people in social networks

Nowadays, most people use social networks for communication. Posted information, photo, people with who the searched person communicated, location and other personal data speed up the search of a person. The professional approach to a search in social network frequently results in quick finding of a searched person. Search of people in such social networks as VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Mamba is in demand. When acquainting with a person on a dating website, there is a rather high probability to confront with fraud and a person who publishes untrue information; the interlocutor may verbally assure of his/her serious intents at that time being married with children. Only professionals are able in the shortest time possible to prove or disprove the information, to collect reliable data about the person, which is an important step which will help to make a correct decision in the future and avoid disappointment. If a searched person has an account in a social network, it won’t be difficult to find him/her. It’s also easy to find a person by a photo. The availability of a photo significantly speeds up the search. A person is also identified using other search tools, for example, such as his/her address or probable location.

Search of a person by a phone number

One more method is a phone number of a searched person, whether current or previous, local or mobile. The search and record collection are made based on two data classes: complete and incomplete. If you now the searched person’s birthdate and full name, such data are complete. Information is considered incomplete if the known data are the name or surname, or the name and the previous phone number or the address the person resided at. There is also a possibility to find a person by the PrivatBank card number or various archival documents.

You may also obtain information you are interested in using the following data:

  • local or mobile phone number (Kyivstar 067, 096, 097, 098; Vodafone-MTS 066, 065, 099; Life 063, 073, 093);
  • e-mail;
  • banking card number;
  • registered home address;
  • marital status;
  • passport and additional data;
  • information about incomes and real estate;
  • information about exits abroad;
  • any other information at the customer’s option.


BJS is willing to furnish all information about an individual you are interested in and to put an end to any suspicions!

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