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Verification of real estate agreements in Kyiv and Ukraine


One of the most common problems is fraud and deception related to sale and purchase of immovable property. There are cases when after a purchase of a house, an apartment or a plot of land, it appears that the seller is not a sole lawful owner of the private property. Fiddles with real estate are a real business for fraudsters where one apartment or living area may be sold to some buyers.


Transparency of real estate agreements


In order to protect yourself from various risks, fraud and fiddles when buying the title of ownership, a verification will be helpful. For successful purchase of an apartment or a house, one should collect and review a lot of information in order to protect yourself from adverse consequences. For example, verification of information for:


  • passport validity;
  • existence of illegitimate children who may claim to a part of legacy;
  • correspondence of the address of an apartment being sold in the register extracts from the Housing Operation Office and the Technical Inventory Office;
  • correspondence of the real area of an apartment in the documents;
  • existence of encumbrances and restrictions such as a pledge or an arrest.


Common incompetent people will scarcely manage to verify by own strength. If you have no legal education and do not grasp all the details as a real expert, it is strongly recommended to apply for help to professionals before entering into any agreement. BJS Detective Agency will provide highly professional experts, lawyers, who, due to their great experience, will:


  • advise;
  • hold negotiations on real estate;
  • thoroughly check and analyse the documents for immovable property;
  • take part in conclusion of an agreement of purchase and sale.


How to check documents for an apartment bought from the developer?


New building projects are the primary market. When buying apartments from the developer, there also are a lot of risks. In the absence of the general register, when buying in new buildings, one may not check what number of apartments is being built in contrary to buildings of the secondary market. It means that when buying an apartment in a house under construction, the customer has no guarantees that his/her apartment and floor will be completed. In addition, without a register, a notary may not certify the purchase and sale deal, and the purchase, in effect, is not registered at all, which is also a great risk for the buyer.


One more problem is that many developers have no licensing documents or have expired or wrong ones etc. Before a purchase of an apartment from the developer, our lawyers will conduct:


  • complete check-up of the developer and documents on the immovable property with furnishing the materials to our customer;
  • verification of legality and the presence of the license;
  • analysis and identification of risks.


Having applied for help to the experts, reliability and safety of your purchase is guaranteed!

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