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Checking up on business partners in Ukraine, CIS and Europe

A reliable business partner is an earnest of success. In order to make sure of a business partner’s credibility in cooperation and avoid various risks and fraud when signing agreements, investing, buying a business, founding a joint venture based on partnership, carrying out transactions etc. a check-up on a business partner is indispensable. Efficient and competent gathering of information on potential partners in many respects offers advantages in check-up. As an option, you may make check up on your own, but this requires specific professional methods and knowledge. The check-up procedure is not easy, requires specific knowledge and skills and often takes a lot of time. In addition, there are check-up services and websites but unfortunately they won’t provide full information. With the help of BJS Detective Agency’s employees, your counteragent’s check-up will be much faster and more effective because the Agency’s experts are well experienced with a special training level. Using various methods and multiple information sources, they will carefully analyse and prepare documents in a legally competent manner.


Having applied for the experts’ services, you are offered a lot of advantages including:


  • confidentiality;
  • individual approach;
  • providing reliable data only;
  • prompt and high-quality work;
  • reliability;
  • experience in check-up and selection of partners.


If needed, the Agency may provide a private detective whose services include check-ups in the European Union, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, the USA, Australia, Ukraine and Kyiv.


Reliable counteragent: check-up and analysis


In order to avoid cooperation with an unreliable business partner, a fraudster or even a criminal and protect your company from adverse consequences, it is utterly important to check up and analyse a counteragent.


The counteragent’s check-up and analysis methods


  • to gather information about a potential or prospective partner;
  • to authenticate a company;
  • to verify a prospective partner’s solvency and decency status;
  • to scrutinize the counteragent’s data before making a deal;
  • to study and analyse their statutory documents, to inquire about their financial status and whether there are debts on their balance


Business partner’s credit history check-up


The check-up is needed to know whether the prospective partner currently has a credit (from banks, insurance and leasing companies, credit associations etc.) and to gather information about the partner’s business history and reputation (taking into consideration the partners’ references).


For your entering into an agreement, our employees will make a whole set of check-ups for the purpose of the customer’s security, gather information about the authorized capital, production capacities etc. In order to avoid risks when investing, a check-up of a company’s legal and financial records, information on the beneficiary owners and judicial proceedings on its assets and whether there are no conflicts with the authorities is necessary too.


Cost of a check-up on business partners in Kyiv and Ukraine


The price of a check-up of a business partner depends on many factors that influence on the price-formation, and therefore is calculated individually. Our employees may help you to protect your company financially and to check up credibility of a business partner which is an earnest of a safe business.


Detective Agency’s services in business partners’ check-up


BJS offers customers the following services in business partners’ check-up:


  • collection of contact and registration data of a partner’s company including information on owners, founders, managers etc.;
  • collection of information on the counteragent’s business history including assets and balance as well as other partners’ references;
  • collection of data on branches and divisions of the company as well as on the credit history;
  • company’s financial reliability analysis;
  • analysis of all data needed for making a deal;
  • full study of the partner company’s activities including all above-mentioned services.


The in-depth check-up of partners and counteragents carried out by our company’s employees will help improving security of your business and timely prevent eventual risks. With our help, you will be sure of success of any cooperation!

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