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Counter-surveillance: who are watching you?


In order to solve the complicated tasks such as finding out of information leakage in companies, detection of the leakage and espionage channels, so called counter-surveillance is helpful. The need in counter-surveillance arises when customers have had suspicions of information leakage or being watched. Surveillance may last for some days but sometimes for weeks. A person may be watched with ascertaining and studying the visited places, habits, work schedule, duration of the stay in a building; a vehicle or an office may also be listened-in etc. All these are done in order to obtain personal information, causing financial losses and commitment of offences for acquisition of other’s property or business. Unfortunately, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs begin acting only after an incident has occurred, sometimes taking no measures timely.


What counter-surveillance?


Counter-surveillance is the best professional solution of protection against espionage; it’s a way to avoid losses in the future.


Counter-surveillance is detection of outdoor surveillance by third parties involved in espionage and various ways applied for surveillance and monitoring. In addition, it is detection of places visited by the subject used to gather the information about him/her.


In order to detect photo and video recording, for solving the issue of espionage, involvement of a group of professionals who are able to detect surveillance established by fraudsters and bandits may be helpful.


All these are included in competence of BJS Detective Agency’s experts who are able to solve various tasks because they:


  • have special skills and are perfectly trained;
  • are high professionals;
  • have the state-of-the-art equipment;
  • offer personal selection of programs and action schemes.


With the necessary state-of-the-art special equipment, they will perform a task of any complexity for an adequate fee having even a little volume of information provided, e.g. only name and surname.


Surveillance of a phone, a person, a vehicle             


Today, we can’t imagine our life without such seemingly simple things used in everyday life as a mobile phone or a computer. But there is a backside of using the advantages of modern technologies: fraudsters may learn a lot of personal information about a person (name and surname), his/her business, visited places etc. through the mobile or social networks.


BJS Agency’s experts will help to protect your computer and phone using various special programs. The issue with the customers’ social networks and phones may be solved by means of installation of filters, using of Windows built-in features, the Android and iOS phone software, installation of anti-wiretapping and anti-localization programs, protection of your phone and computer by restriction of access to records, photo and video files.


Detective’s services in Kyiv and Ukraine


BJS Detective Agency offers a wide range of services having the highly professional staff that will help protecting information, property and business from malefactors.


The Detective Agency will render assistance in:


  • additional investigations;
  • check-up for the presence of bugs in vehicles and offices;
  • establishing surveillance to ensure safety;
  • finding the missing and identification;
  • experts’ examination.


The price for the services depends on each specific case. Ask about the prices by phone numbers published on the website.

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