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Searching for debtors or fraudsters

Illegal acts of debtors and fraudsters are handled by numerous organizations, departments and agencies, both state-owned and private; these are, for example, police, cyberpolice and detective agencies. These organizations are specialized in searching for fraudsters, prevention of further wrongdoings by fraudsters and provision of information about property and financial status of debtors for subsequent debt collection.

Who are debtors and fraudsters?

A debtor is an individual or a company that (who) for some reason cannot or does not want to pay back the money or perform its obligations in due time. Fraudsters are people who obtain the other people’s property or money by deception; they are also called scammers or con artists.

Today, there are many types of scams going on in Ukraine including cases of extortion over the telephone. Scammers involved in this kind of offence get access to personal details of their victims and then begin to demand money using tried-and-tested infamous scenarios.

Fraudulent actions, for example, are reported to take place on the OLX e-commerce platform; on completing a transaction and transferring money to seller’s bank account or debit card, the buyer would never receive the goods he has paid for. There are numerous OLX scammer blacklists that feature details of fraudsters such as surnames, phone numbers, bank card numbers, IP addresses, etc. There are also rogue acts with currency transactions and payment tools such as Webmoney or Bitcoin.

Numerous frauds have been recorded in many cities across Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, etc.

How to collect your own debt?

Non-repayment of debt can be resolved in many ways. In some cases, friendly negotiations can be efficient, especially when it comes to private loans; alternatively, a money-lender can apply to a police station or file a lawsuit. Another option is to contact a detective agency, which is more efficient in these situations, since a detective agency works employs highly skilled professionals and has access to all crime-related information. Detective agencies handle each case with the utmost care, search for missing debtors and resolve the challenging situations that the police were unable to resolve for some reason.

Borrowing money

Money can be borrowed for numerous purposes, for business development, for example, or for buying expensive products. A cash loan is money borrowed and repaid over a reasonable time that is agreed upon by both parties. A loan can be taken from a bank or from a private lender, the latter being a suitable option for individuals who need money quickly or who are denied for a loan by their bank.

Borrowing is a procedure that can be risky for both money lender and credit user. It is not infrequent that a lendee who wants to contract a loan gets scammed by paying an advance fee and then having to repay the money that, in fact, has not been borrowed. In other cases, victims sign loan agreements without having read it before signing.

Ukraine: Unified Register of Debtors

The Register of Debtors is a database comprised of individuals and organizations that have been declared insolvent by judicial process. The register incorporates company names, EDRPOU codes, surnames, tax identification numbers, etc. Applicable law of Ukraine allows public access to the register launched on the official website of the Ministry of Justice.

Debtor tracing and resolution of business disputes

Business partners sometimes use unfair practices in their contractual relations. In property disputes, entrepreneurs have to search for the debtor who evades paying his debts and avoids meeting the money lender or representatives of the latter. A debtor often changes his residence and conceals his property.

Without any information about the location of the debtor and his property, a money lender is not able to settle disputes amicably by:

  • sending claims to the debtor
  • beginning negotiations with the debtor
  • applying measures on preserving the debtor’s property
  • seeking remedy in court.

The staggering economic situation in Ukraine results in the increase of fraudsters in business relations, both individuals and big companies.

Detective assistance in debtor tracing

Detective assistance is an ideal option for legal entities that lack their own internal security service. Even if they have one, a detective agency, with narrow focus on investigation, is able to trace a debtor or fraudster quicker. Appealing to police has a slow effect while self-activity is difficult because of precautions taken by hideouts.

We at BJS have been providing professional services on debtor and fraudster tracing for many years. Our seasoned experts will help you find unscrupulous business partners within short timeframes, releasing you from a plethora of problems that might arise if you did it by yourself.


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