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What is competitive intelligence?

The present-day business world reality features aggressive and strict nature of competitiveness among companies. For a company’s success and prosperity achievement, one should successfully choose a lossless and profitable strategy to implement the intents, to avoid the effects of market unexpectedness, not to become a victim of unfair competitors and to possess information about processes taking place in other companies. Based on ethical and lawful work methods lent from the special services, the business began applying the methods of treatment of information and the information field which is called Competitive Intelligence. This term implies a multipronged and multilevel activities consisting of collection, analysis, classification and processing of information obtained.


The Competitive Intelligence types and tasks include:


  • Business Intelligence


It is collection of information about competitors, business environment, partners, facts etc.


The task is analysis of obtained information; providing specific information using which our business partners may enjoy advantages over their competitors; possession of information which may help to avoid eventual risks and to be proactive in the business environment.


  • Commercial Intelligence


The task is furtherance of strategic and tactical superiority over the competitors.


Obtaining of information from original sources:


  • persons possessing direct proofs and facts,
  • from close sources possessing information on a situation or a statement,
  • direct evidence: financial, accounting, legal documents.


Obtaining of information from secondary sources:


  • processed information,
  • research results,
  • experts’ comments and reports;
  • third parties’ opinions,
  • external environment monitoring.


  • Analytical Intelligence


It is collection of objective information that may influence on operation of a company on the whole, for safety and efficient implementation of further intents. It may be realized using state-of-the-art technologies, data collection and analysis according to specific criteria: (about resources, vulnerable elements, business partners and competitors as well as about their intents).


A report is prepared and an experts’ opinion is issued based on information generalization, analysis and processing.


Competitive Intelligence uses all facts for making utterly important decisions on further business strategy and tactics, is the most important tool for studying the competitive environment, which data may cause damage or, conversely, ensure benefit to a company or a business.


Legal Industrial Intelligence

The competitive intelligence methods are applied legally, without violation of the effective legislation on confidential data and information protection; information is collected legally, from open sources. This is its difference from industrial espionage which is criminally persecuted in all countries.


How to protect own business from industrial espionage?

Assistance may be provided by a private detective who will represent your interests using legal methods only, solve a number of tasks relying on his/her professional experience and competence; using special-purpose equipment, a professional will not only check all the workrooms and the vehicles for listening-in but will also check your each employee who may also be involved in information leakage.


BJS offers the following competitive intelligence services:


  • collection of information about business partners with whom agreements are intended being entered into;
  • information about competitors (according to specific criteria);
  • collection and analysis of information in a specific industry or area (database formation);
  • information support of investment projects;
  • proof or disproof of the facts given by the Customer about competitors, business partners etc.
  • verification of deals with real estate and other assets;
  • check of premises and vehicles for listening-in and taking counteractions;
  • support and assistance in solving corporate conflicts;
  • information support in arrangement of and participation in bids.


Our employees are well experienced in competitive struggles and will ensure the most favourable conditions for your business.

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