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Technical safety and security

Many businesses in Ukraine are not secured properly because of lingering economic troubles, gaps in legislation, competition, scams, corruption and other issues. All of these have a negative effect on safety of companies and organizations. Implementation of technical safety and security requires efforts and expenses but these efforts are feasible since an unsecured company would become an easy target for all kinds of scammers and criminals.

Some years ago, business owners used to seek protection at private security firms that provided physical security at the guard site. Since technological development is on a constant move, most companies need protection of a higher level, for example, software encryption, not merely physical protection of valuable assets.

Further exacerbating the problem is that intruders develop and improve their tools in parallel with the global progress, which makes companies roll out more sophisticated methods and techniques relating to security in advanced technologies.

Today, the problem of technical security is solved by applying automated systems. Further to that, it is important to choose a highly professional security company and skilled experts who are able to identify and prevent threats at early stages.

Technical infosecurity

Operations of every company involve the use, receipt and transfer of data that can be very valuable and alluring to competitors. The information, if leaked, can compromise operational safety of the affected company; that is why technical infosecurity is of prime importance for every legal entity.

Types of information protection

Infosecurity can be:

  • economic
  • intellectual
  • technological
  • informational
  • physical
  • fireproofing, etc.

How to safeguard confidential information?

Data leakage poses a problem for overall corporate security. Computers, local networks and peripheral equipment are often subject to malicious software, viruses and spyware that are created by hackers, carders and other malefactors to penetrate into computer systems and steal personal and other valuable information.

To keep your confidential business information secure, BJS experts deploy a high-tech security system based on up-to-date intrusion protection technologies. This system is comprehensive and is tailored to the needs of each company. Modern systems make your network closed to hackers, thus, preventing it from leakage and providing adequate protection against violators and hacker squads who are engaged in illegal activities by entering corporate networks and acquiring access to trade secrets as well as personal, commercial and even classified information.

Information leakage is often the result of malicious wrongdoing of competitors; however this often occurs through negligent actions by employees.

Technical protection tools and methods

The protection methods are as follows:

  • physical
  • electronic (software-based)
  • legal
  • psychological
  • organizational

Besides, the best practices and knowledge in the protection of confidential information applied in other countries are of great importance, too.

BJS experts have extensive expertise in integrating technical and information security systems into small and big enterprises, which enables them to handle their tasks as smoothly as possible and within the shortest possible time.

We offer the following services on information protection:

  • checking of premises and all kinds of transport to pinpoint eavesdropping devices and spying cameras
  • installation of protective equipment against hidden cameras, eavesdropping and other spyware
  • checking of communication devices (phones, etc.) for spying apps
  • protection of communication devices against eavesdropping
  • checking of PCs for spyware and protection from further installation of spyware
  • prevention of eavesdropping in negotiation rooms, with special equipment installed as an option.

We will take upon ourselves the provision of technical security for your business. We are sure to shield your sensitive and valuable information from criminals and competitors.

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