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Who to check the husband or the wife for fidelity?


There is nothing more painful than surmises, but how to understand that adultery is an accomplished fact? All symptoms any be obvious, but none desires to accuse a person without facts and proofs and to spoil the family relations. It is difficult to check a person which whom you spend almost every day and whose all habits are well-known. Often women (and sometimes men) prefer services of fortunetellers, mentalists and visionaries in order to understand whether there is a deception in the family. However, all these inexpensive services don’t yield the expected result but only worsen the surmises and don’t provide undoubted facts of adultery. All this uncertainty only aggravates the tense situation and may result in quarrels and ungrounded accusations. Only a professional team may prove or disprove the fact of adultery, to destroy all doubts and render the following services:


  • check-up for fidelity by means of surveillance of the husband or the wife;
  • gathering and analysis of obtained information;
  • photographing;
  • video recording;
  • audio recording of conversations.


Exposure of adultery: signs of infidelity


The signs of infidelity may be hidden or even absolutely inconspicuous at first sight. The husband may earlier and very gladly leave to his work although even he didn’t like it before; to work diligently is much more easier that to explain why stayed too long at work in the evening. He may be in love, stop consult the wife and not build common plans. One more sign of infidelity is termination of sexual intercourse or sharp weakening of libido between the spouses: this is an obvious sign that there is something outside the marital life, which disappears in the family. Or another extreme: too active sexual behavior and bold experiments in the bed together with innovations that the husband didn’t practice before may also be an evidence of adultery.


Frequently, the signs of infidelity may be situations when a person:


  • sharply changes the attitude;
  • stop paying enough attention;
  • frequently goes on business trips;
  • is too demanding to his/her appearance, takes excessive care of his/herself;
  • constantly examines him/herself in the mirror.


Frequently, there are cases when a person doesn’t let his/her phone out of his/her hands, hides the calls (deletes SMS) and leaves to talk so that you may not hear who is calling. Late SMS from the mobile provider and Viber messages have become more frequent. The mobile has become an untouchable thing; all information is carefully deleted or protected with a password. Messaging in the social networks is concealed from curious eyes.


Proofs of conjugal infidelity


Sometimes, all facts are available, but one doesn’t hurry to acknowledge faithlessness but, to the contrary, diligently denies everything and accuses of distrust and slander. Our Agency will see about furnishing the following proofs:

  • video recorded with a hidden camera;
  • photos with facts proving infidelity;
  • full dossier on the attended place and activities;


As well as any other information at the customer’s option. All the Agency’s actions are within the legal framework.


When turning to us, you obtain the guarantee of confidentiality and absolute reliability of facts with recorded materials.

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