Detection of outdoor surveillance of a person and a car

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Detection of surveillance of family members

When solving such difficult tasks as missing of person, detection of personal information leakage, revelation of adultery, assistance in control over children, counter-surveillance will be helpful.

Counter-surveillance as a method of detection of outdoor surveillance is used for detection, surveillance of criminals involved in espionage, fraudsters who aim at obtaining as much personal information as possible for achievement of their lucrative and malicious goals. For that purpose, surveillance of a person or his/her family is arranged.


Phone surveillance

Nowadays, a phone and a computer are indispensable and convenient technical devices. But they may be a source of transmission of personal information for fraudsters. Namely, there are such data as a person’s name and surname, business, location etc. Unfortunately, officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs not always may render the necessary assistance. Or, for example, such delicate issue as marital relationships when either of them lives in uncertainty and deception in his/her attitude towards the other.


Surveillance through the Internet social networks

One more of the most topical issues is mental influence on a child through social networks or by his/her friends. For example, there are cases of swindling out of personal information from teenagers using the VK or Facebook ads, which sometimes results in adverse consequences or even a tragedy. In that case, in order to protect a child, the agency’s experts may secure computers and phones using built-in or installed software, namely filters with automatic ban of selected transmission channels. They will also check-up the child’s circle of contacts, which will help to detect and protect him/her from an adverse influence.

The Agency’s detective services for private customers:


  • identification of a person;
  • search of people;
  • revelation of adultery (surveillance of the wife or the husband);
  • experts’ examinations;
  • additional investigations;
  • check-up for bugs in a home or a car;
  • arrangement of surveillance to ensure safety of children and incapable family members.


With counter-surveillance, the Detective Agency’s experts will help to solve all these issues as they are well experienced, equipped and trained. They will select a customized program and action scheme for each specific case. Using the state-of-the-art special equipment, they will perform a task of any complexity with even minimum information provided.


BJS Detective Agency renders a wide range of services having the highly professional staff that will help to protect yourself from malefactors and their illegal actions which may be targeted at your property, family or life of friends and relatives.


What is outdoor surveillance?

Outdoor surveillance (or, more commonly, shadowing) is one of the espionage tools. In most cases, outdoor surveillance is conducted by professionals who combine various types of shadowing, tools and methods that enable to obtain the fullest information about the subject without the risk of detection of such surveillance.


For effective counteraction to espionage, we provide our customers with such service as detection of outdoor surveillance (counter-surveillance). This service consists in an integrated set of measures aimed at detection of arranged surveillance, finding out the reasons of interest in the subject as well as a circle of persons who have initiated such surveillance.


This service is rendered where a customer suspects surveillance of him/her (his/her family members, relatives, friends) as well as if a customer desires to make sure that there is no such surveillance before certain actions involving the highest level of confidentiality.

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