Corporate business conflicts

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Corporate business conflicts

A corporate conflict is a negative, destructive phenomenon that leads to disputes, degradation in company performance, personal tensions and loss of valuable information. In some cases, a company will incur a financial loss and even collapse. A corporate conflict may result in clashes and destabilization of the company and its employees.

There are two types of conflicts:

  1. An internal corporate conflict often arises from disputes between top executives and employees or stakeholders of that company.
  2. An external corporate conflict stems from aggressive policies of competitors who want to seize control over and manage the company. Each company, corporation or firm has employees, and this makes it a potential target of conflicts. Sometimes, these conflicts evolve from a small mistake in management policies and staff recruitment, but even that small mistake may be enough for preventing the corporation from developing securely and consistently.

In some cases, both big corporations and small businesses face conflicts because of information leaks from some employees and industrial intelligence practiced by business competitors.

Reasons and settlement of conflicts

There are numerous grounds of conflicts, including:

  • no intention of investing into the corporation;
  • illegal takeover;
  • lack of cooperation between several co-founders or executives at a time
  • illegal actions of stakeholders.

One of the ways to prevent the conflict from emerging is a right recruiting and testing of staff with the purpose of avoiding any information leakage that can harm the company. The loss of sensible information that should be available only for company staff can result in material and financial damage.

The problem is that even old faithful employees and companions enter into a conflict due to different views on further development and mission of the company. Company owners, for example, want to hold more stakes in the authorized capital or to be sole owners of the company, therefore, they show their lack of interest in further cooperation or partnership. In this case, the conflicting parties have much confidential information at their disposal, which can compromise corporate safety.

Conflicts often lead to serious tensions among employees, thus, preventing the entity from performing in the normal course of its business. The conflicting parties can also try to settle their dispute in court. The applicable law in Ukraine envisages rights and obligations of the parties that are not able to settle their disputes through negotiations (amicable settlement), without bringing it to court.

Conflict settlement methods

Protection of information that may damage the company is the best way to prevent conflicts. BJS conflict management experts may help you settle and manage corporate conflicts.

They will help you prevent sensitive information from being disclosed to third parties and provide you with efficient methods of protecting confidential information from being used for mercenary purposes by dishonest employees of your company. BJS experts will perform independent analysis and evaluation of the conflicting situation in your staff, and come up with the options of how to avoid all negative consequences that may have a destructive effect on the development and financial standing of your company in future.

Corporate conflicts: security methods

  • Collection of information about a conflict adversary;
  • Identification of weak sides of your opponent;
  • Prevention of greenmailing;
  • Development and integration of managerial and technical measures on the protection of information;
  • Collection of evidence on illegal activities of the conflict adversary;
  • Interaction with law-enforcement bodies and legal support;
  • Physical security;
  • Engineering and technical security.

Extensive experience and professionalism of BJS experts ensures successful outcome of the most complicated corporate conflicts!

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