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Private independent investigations in Ukraine

One of the BJS Detective Agency’s business areas is private investigations. Private investigations in Ukraine as a business just start developing and becoming one of the most demanded services. This activity helps to restore justice, to counteract to intentions of criminals and assist in stopping of such illegal acts of fraudsters as:


  • blackmail;
  • thefts;
  • fiddle with financial transactions;
  • murders etc.


Investigation is a large work which is beyond the power of untrained and incompetent people. Solution of many problems has an effect of life of close people or a child, therefore it is better not to waste precious time and trust in experts. Unfortunately, the police and the law enforcement authorities not always may help and, as an option, assistance of BJS Detective Agency will be opportune.


Sometimes, strange behaviour of our relatives and friends may be conditioned by such factors as drug and alcohol addiction, membership in a sect, adultery, debts, adverse influence of other people etc. However, not everybody may confess having such problems to their families thereby condemning them to constant suspicions and assumptions. And only timely detection of such issues may help to effectively struggle against them. It’s often not only difficult to understand what is really wrong with your friend or relative but in some cases rather dangerous. Moreover, sometimes our imagination depicts horrible pictures and scenarios that have nothing to do with the reality.


Check-up of a teenager for addiction


Adolescence is considered to be one of the most difficult ages as it is a transition from childhood and making up of personality to the adult life. In this period, teenagers are very vulnerable and easily yielded to various temptations. They are easily involved in any experiments which often have a deplorable end. One of the issues is addiction. Such children, under an influence, may commit thoughtless and uncontrolled acts.


The fraudsters’ scheme is to make a child addicted to a dose, especially when he/she has well-to-do parents with valuable assets such as golden items, diamonds etc. An addicted person is willing to give everything or to thieve something valuable for a dose. If parents have noticed that valuable items have disappeared from the home, it’s a sign that the child has got involved with a bad company and may become alcohol or drug addict.


There are different addictions. But it always adversely affects especially a child’s immature mind. It may be addiction to games, social networks, sects, drugs, alcohol etc. Parents not always are able to detect the problem; in that case, an expert may help.


BJS Detective Agency’s employees:

  • will help to find and furnish such materials as audio and video recordings;
  • will watch the child remaining unnoticed;
  • have access to any institutions;
  • perfectly know geographic location of the subject, streets and buildings.


Parents receive full information on the child’s circle of contacts and lifestyle; the contacts and interests will provide information on expenses and behavioural peculiarities.

Timely asking for help and detection the problem of a child’s drug addiction may protect from may adverse consequences including prevention of a tragedy or a suicide. And the earlier and more exactly information on a real state of affairs is obtained the more effective solution of the problem will be.

Exposure of a wedding swindler

One of the most common kinds of fraudulence is a marriage swindle. The fraudsters’ goal is theft of property when a fraudster disappears after the marriage ceremony with a part of the dowry. Or, for example, the fraudsters’ goal may be change of surname fir obtaining documents.


Private investigation services for individuals


BJS conducts private investigations for individuals in various areas. Our experts will help in the following delicate issues:


  • check-up of a teenager (detection of his/her circle of contacts and activities, behavior analysis and check-up for his/her attitude to alcohol, drugs, gambling etc.;
  • detection of the membership in a sect;
  • obtaining of information of interest about any individual;
  • check-up for adultery;
  • proof or disproof of probable kinship;
  • surveillance of baby-sitters, tutors, housemaids etc.;
  • check-up of individuals registered at marriage agencies and various dating services;
  • other kinds of investigation at the customer’s option.


Our Company guarantees absolute confidentiality of each private investigation ordered from us!

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