Detective services

What kinds of detective services are there?


There are two types of detective services:


  • services for legal entities (for business);
  • detective’s services for private persons.


The one who possesses information possesses authority, is confident in his/her partners and safety. That’s why modern detective agencies are in demand. The employees’ high qualification, wide experience in operational work, knowledge of the legislation are what the customers obtain when address themselves to private detectives.


What services may a private detective agency render?


Search of people


In our chaotic times, it’s not so easy to find a person: lost relatives and friends, ex-coworkers or classmates. With the initial data on a sought person, a private detective conducts an integrated investigation with subsequent reporting to the customer.


Hidden surveillance


In order to collect necessary information about a person, a group of people or a company’s business, a private detective uses photo and video recording. It also includes check-up of the husband or the wife for infidelity. If the subject has left the country, this information will also appear in the detective’s report. One should only note that such possibility may not be excluded in order that the agency’s employee may verify the data.


Business protection


It is a set of measures aimed at protection of the customer’s office building, adjacent area, car and even home from surveillance. The Detective Agency’s employees will inspect for bugs ensuring protection of information from leakage. Business partner’s check-up for business cleanliness will help the customer to enter into agreements with fair businesspersons only. If the customer meets a fraudster, the Detective Agency may assume the search of such person having done the respective preparation.


Child surveillance


For those customers who cannot control where their teen-age children use to be and with whom they associate, the Detective Agency may conduct hidden child surveillance noting the places attended and groups associated with by the teenager. Detection of an adverse environment will help to avoid various problems in the customers’ children’s future.


Check-up of personal particulars on dating websites


The modern society may not imagine its life without the Internet, and a lot of marriages are contracted with the help of the network. However, fraudsters also keep up to date, and frequently the account information on a dating website is untrue. Having learnt a user’s personal data, a fraudster may skilfully make use of it. Therefore check-up of personal particulars is also included in the scope of services of detective agencies.


When applying to a private detective for assistance, a customer expects not only for obtaining information but preservation of his/her personal confidentiality, honesty of the detective agency and high quality of the work to be performed.

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