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Checking for bugs and listening devices at office

Technologies are evolving quickly creating an increasingly fast-paced business environment, and this also increases technical knowledge of malefactors. To get access to third-party information, intruders apply various gadgets such as voice recorders, scanners, wireless bugging devices, cameras and other tracing devices. Using bugs, an interested person can identify the location of an object and retrieve sound and video information. At the same time, bugs are the only method for unmasking illegal actions of fraudsters.

Detection of eavesdropping devices

Information leakage usually happens through dishonest employees who are corrupted by competitors with a purpose of gathering business information.

Bugs and what they are used for

A bug is a device featuring a microphone, transmitting unit and battery. It is normally a very small coin-sized device designed to be hardly detectable. Voice recording may be triggered at certain time intervals and the radio signal is transmitted on variable frequencies, which makes the covert listening device very hard to locate.

We recommend business owners to perform regular checks for hidden bugs and recorders to keep confidential information protected. Checking for wiretaps and bugs is desirable after having meetings at your office, any repair operation, moving to new premises, and after your company is visited by public inspectors of Fire Safety Authority, Tax Service, etc. Bug sweeping techniques involve the use of up-to-date equipment for searching and detection of bugs and hidden cameras; these are various anti-spy bug detectors and anti-eavesdropping devices that are actually fairly expensive.

This special equipment is easily accessible for purchase but an inexperienced person will hardly be able to apply it without proper knowledge and expertise, so it will be more effective if you commit this task to a company specialized in this area, for example, BJS Detective Agency. Employees at detective agencies are skilled and professional experts with extensive expertise in the related area.

Detective agencies employ private detectives who usually have experience in investigation, know how to integrate customized protection devices for their clients and safeguard them from information & data leaks.

The range of services provided by detective agencies includes:

  • office checks
  • car checks
  • testing electronic equipment for bugs and taps
  • testing telephones for bugs and wiretaps

You may call our experts at any time in case of any urgent issue. We provide advice on how to protect your business from information leaks.

Car theft protection

Auto theft is one of the most important problems we face today, and it has become a growing challenge for many car owners. Most tried-and-tested ways of car theft prevention became inefficient, and your car can get stolen at any time of the day and at any place. Cars are stolen at guarded parking facilities and on busy streets at day-time, which necessitates installation of additional or more advanced protection tools, including GPS anti-theft car tracking systems.

A GPS tracker is a special equipment allowing to monitor the car and track its movement. If a car is stolen, the tracker placed inside the car helps locate its position and return it to its legal owner. On the other side, any automobile should be checked for spy trackers installed by thieves who track the car to its parking place and then steal it. The faster you reach out to experts, the better your chances to save your property and business.

Professional eavesdropping checks in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast

We have been rendering the following services for over seven years:

  • checking for listening devices at offices, apartments, cottages, warehouses, etc.
  • checking for listening devices at private, public and other means of transportation.

Services are provided across Ukraine.

The cost of checking for listening devices includes:

  • A thorough visual examination of a facility;
  • Inspection of electric plugs, power lines, communication lines, fiber optic telecommunication lines and telephone lines;
  • Searching and removal of radio transmitting devices: hidden cameras, microphone transmitters, mini voice recorders, GSM bugs, drop-in microphones, wireless stethoscopes and remote control radio sets;
  • Checking the air for electrical anomalies (emissions) that may confirm the presence of an eavesdropping device;
  • Search for no-transmission bugging devices or gadgets that use variable impulse duration, for example, covert or camouflaged voice recorders; search for devices that are in a standby mode, non-operational or out of order;
  • Pinhole test. This is examination of a room with a special optic device with the purpose of detecting any photo and video gadgets, no matter their type and operating mode.

Examination is available at day-time and even at night, if required!

Subscriber-based service for equipment eavesdropping detection is an option.

Anti-spy equipment for rooms and cars

We apply the best equipment when serving our clients

Our experts use:

  • non-linear location
  • spectral analyzers
  • digital monitors outfitted with a full set of search probes: (infrared, electromagnetic, vibroacoustic, radio and low/high frequency probes)
  • laser optical binoculars.

We provide services to individuals and legal entities of all types!

How much does checking for listening devices cost?

The price depends on the area and type of the room and the time of day. XL rooms and bulk orders are subject to discount.

The cost of checking a car is calculated on a case-to-case basis. Please contact us to get details about our prices.

Checking for bugs is not cheap but keeping confidential information protected is worth every penny spent on it!

When checking your rooms or car, our experts will give you free protection tips, including 5 steps to prevent being bugged.



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