Check-up of an apartment and cars for bugs in Kyiv and Ukraine

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Check-up of an apartment for bugs in Kyiv and Ukraine

With the advent of technical innovations such as computers, scanners, camcorders, voice recording devices, radio transmitters etc., all these in the hands of criminals may be a tool for obtaining information of other people. In such cases, there is a need in the newest protection means. The ways of protection may be provided by qualified professionals because it’s not enough to have the equipment: the skills and ability of using it are also important.


Nowadays, in many cases, there may be a need in check-up for listening-in:


  • when holding important meetings in an unknown place where confidential negotiations are intended to be held;
  • in case of suspicions concerning colleagues or competitors;
  • in case of suspicions about surveillance;
  • in case of the necessity to check up a house or an apartment for listening in.

Today in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, many business centres are concentrated which, subsequently, attracts not only foreign investors and tourists but fraudsters and criminals who aim at improve their well-being at the expense of other people as well.

How may bugs be found in an apartment or a house?

Sometimes, there are situation when the feeling that ‘my home is my fortress’ vanishes. Sometimes, there are suspicions about abuse of confidence, leakage of personal information in a house where there is home staff. It is almost impossible to find out listening-in devices in a home or a car by own strength, without certain skills and equipment. These tasks may be solved by experts of a detective agency. They will ensure protection of your phone from wiretapping, install protection for a computer, anti-bugs and anti-wiretaps. They will check up the premises and technical devices, install software and filters, detect the information leakage channels thereby protecting from theft of personal information. They will also help to solve the issue of unfair attitude of baby-sitters towards their wards. Since frequently parents begin suspecting baby-sitters of maltreatment of their children. When a little child, who can’t speak, suddenly loses sleep, appetite or becomes fearful, this may evoke suspicions about maltreatment of him/her. In such case, experts will help to prove or disprove the parents’ suspicions having installed the surveillance equipment such as hidden camcorder etc.


The Detective Agency will provide services of highly qualified experts behind whom there is a great experience in solving similar tasks. They provide the customer with the possibility to be present at check-up of the home, the apartment and office hardware for bugs and wiretapping. They will furnish the customer with all collected materials.

Protection of own car from listening-in and theft

This is inspection of a car for a tracking device that monitors location of a person for ill-disposed persons. Malefactors may also use radio transmitters, bugs with wireless microphone which may be placed at any place inside the car remaining inconspicuous. For example, a radio bug may be placed even into a cigarette lighter.


The experts will help to detect the listening-in devices and install special anti-bugs and anti-wiretaps, protect the car using special devices such as gps-tracker that transmits exact location data of the car in case of a theft.


Prices for anti-wiretapping of premises

The price is contractual and is set in each specific case. In whatever situation, our Agency’s employees will always find a solution for any task. They will select the best way to solve it. They will protect your apartment and car. They will help to restore your confidence when you feel that ‘my home is my fortress.


At the customer’s option, the inspection is possible in the day, evening and even night time.


We work with private customers as well as with companies of whatever ownership form!


IMPORTANT ADVICE: Order the service from the premises other than those to be inspected.

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