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Providing an alibi in Kyiv, Ukraine and Europe

A lot of different life situations happen when people intentionally or unintentionally make mistakes or get to a wrong place at a wrong time, or fall into a deadlock, when it is necessary to prove their innocence. There are cases of regret and repentance of what has been done when either of spouses went wrong and wants to restore the situation or to hide the adultery in order to preserve the family; or when one caught sight of the boss at a wrong time with a member of his/her family when he/she should be at work; or when one became under suspicion of his/her friends and colleagues having lost their confidence. Sometimes, it is rather difficult to restore confidence or to protect the reputation by own strength, and in some situations it looks impossible at all. However, in the most complicated and nonstandard situations, helpful will be the services of the Detective Agency’s experts who guarantee:


  • anonymity;
  • responsibility and high professionalism;
  • solution of problems of any complexity.


The Detective Agency has the representative offices in such Ukrainian cities as Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia etc. They may also render services in different cities of Europe. Due to this, the Detective Agency’s employees will be able to provide an alibi and explain even the most nonstandard situations. They will give a professional advice and select an alibi formation strategy: in relations with management, friends, in personal relationships etc. except for criminal cases.


Defence scenarios: alibi formation by a detective


Our Agency’s detectives will select an appropriate scenario of defence of a customer in any, even the most nonstandard situations based on his/her own desires. They will help to find:


  • customized approach to each customer;
  • way of protection of reputation and alibi in compliance with the law;
  • provide a post-alibi.


Post-alibi is necessary when a person could not attend, for example, an important meeting that has taken place, or when it is necessary to conceal adultery.


Providing an alibi will save from the necessity to buy medical certificates that is an illegal action; will help in a situation when a customer needs free time but he/she cannot leave an unnecessary or boring meeting without a good reason.


Customer’s reputation protection


When necessary, the experts will render a number of services for improvement of reputation in the eyes of business partners, colleagues or friends.


The Detective Agency provides:


  • alibi for some days;
  • proving materials (tickets, bills etc.).


Alibi for some days is a service that implies that a customer allegedly was on a business trip. The detectives will provide materials which will prove your compulsory presence such as invitations, hotel bills, airplane tickets attesting your accommodation and flight. In addition, they will render services in providing an alibi and defence of a customer that requires the status of confidentiality and nondisclosure. Due to the professional approach, your reputation will look the best notwithstanding the complexity of a situation that has taken place.


BJS is willing to provide you with an alibi on a wide range of issues. As is well known, proving one’s innocence may be necessary not only before a court but in the course of marital conflicts and business relations. In some cases, accusations at work may provoke a great scandal that will lead to discharge and tarnished image, and an unfavourable situation in a family may result in divorce and division of property.


Frequently, alibi may be necessary for teenagers who get involved in bad companies and may be accused of arsons, fights and other offences. Usually, parents will try to protect their child from such problems but it will require assistance of a real expert.


Our professional experts have a great experience in providing an alibi in various situations. The exception is criminal cases only, because when protecting the customer’s interests, BJS acts in the framework of the law exceptionally. We are willing to help to preserve your family and business reputation and avoid potential problems both in your personal life and business.

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