Detective services (for bussines)

Private detective’s services for business and legal entities

Our Agency’s detectives are high-level experts who render their services in the European Union, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, the USA, Australia and Ukraine. They will ensure safety of business for legal entities, help to find a solution even in dead-end and difficult situations taking into consideration all peculiarities and wishes of the customers. They will be able to select a customized action scheme in each specific case. They will approach any issue in solving the task with the strong responsibility.


The main services for business are:

  • search of debtors and fraudsters;
  • company’s technical security;
  • legal assistance in solving conflict situations with law enforcement authorities;
  • confidential business errands;
  • check-up for bugs in the company’s offices and vehicles;
  • competitive intelligence (protection from industrial espionage);
  • check-up of business partners;
  • detection of outdoor surveillance (counter-surveillance).


Our Agency’s detectives will find solutions for any tasks without violating the effective legislation and using the special methods and the state-of-the-art equipment which will make your business successful.

Technical safety

Technical safety and security Many businesses in Ukraine are not secured properly because of lingering economic troubles, gaps in legislation, competition, scams, corruption and other ...

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Business conflicts

Business conflicts and their reasons The purpose of law-enforcement bodies is to serve and protect people in accordance with laws. At the same time, misconduct ...

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Checking for bugs in rooms and cars

Checking for bugs and listening devices at office Technologies are evolving quickly creating an increasingly fast-paced business environment, and this also increases technical knowledge of ...

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Searching for debtors

Searching for debtors or fraudsters Illegal acts of debtors and fraudsters are handled by numerous organizations, departments and agencies, both state-owned and private; these are, ...

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Business investigations

Business investigations for legal entities   Private investigations are conducted for the purpose of preservation of business under tough competition and its protection from any ...

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Counter-surveillance: who are watching you?   In order to solve the complicated tasks such as finding out of information leakage in companies, detection of the ...

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Checking up on business partners

Checking up on business partners in Ukraine, CIS and Europe A reliable business partner is an earnest of success. In order to make sure of ...

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Competitive Intelligence - Конкурентная разведка

Конкурентная разведка

What is competitive intelligence? The present-day business world reality features aggressive and strict nature of competitiveness among companies. For a company’s success and prosperity achievement, ...

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Corporate business conflicts

Corporate business conflicts A corporate conflict is a negative, destructive phenomenon that leads to disputes, degradation in company performance, personal tensions and loss of valuable ...

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Confidential assignments

Confidential secret assignments for business BJS offers fulfilment of various confidential assignments for individuals and legal entities. The Detective Agency is a professional lawyers’ team ...

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