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Business conflicts and their reasons

The purpose of law-enforcement bodies is to serve and protect people in accordance with laws. At the same time, misconduct or unscrupulous practices by law-enforcement officers who exceed their authority lead to the emergence of conflict situations between police officers and civilians. There are also disputed situations between law officers of police and militia that tend to occur after reorganization of militia and creation of new police forces. Another pressing issue is the conflicts between entrepreneurs and different government bodies.

Business entities often face issues with public authorities, including initiation of criminal cases for different reasons, one of them being poor expertise in law. It is not uncommon that people get apprehended for administrative violations, which is considered to be an illegal action, unless a judicial decree has been issued. Furthermore, arrests, detentions, body search or interrogations can be conducted with violation of applicable law.

Assistance of conflict management experts

The issues mentioned above are successfully resolved by special companies, for example, BJS Detective Agency. These are privately-owned companies that conduct their own independent investigation and help settle problems that involve high-profile government bodies (e.g., ministries), police problems and security service problems. Employing services of legal firms, one can make oneself safe from many legal issues, including an illegal termination of criminal proceedings.

Pretrial investigation is aimed at inquiring into the truth of the matter prior to court trial, and it can be conducted by investigative bodies only, particularly, by a plainclothes investigator.

Public and private criminal investigation

An investigator works at investigation authorities and performs the following duties:

  • initiation of proceedings
  • criminal investigation
  • execution of crime-scene expert examination and transfer of case to court.

In case of investigative mistakes, an innocent person might be punished while a guilty man might escape punishment.

A special investigative agent is a criminal investigator whose tasks include evidence collection, interviews and some other techniques that are similar to those employed by an investigator. An investigator is involved in the analysis of crime-related logic chains, studies evidence collected on the crime scene by special agents, and tries to understand the motives of crime. Special agents are field workers who collect evidence on a crime scene. A detective is an expert who deals with private investigations, collects evidence, unravels criminals cases and submits them to court.

Legal firms and detective agencies provide private detective services. A private detective is often a lawyer or ex-investigator with in-depth knowledge and valuable expertise in forensic science, and is entitled to investigate criminal cases, collect evidence, search for witnesses and take part in court sessions.

A private detective has some limitations, as compared with an investigator, for example, no right to: carry a handgun, utilize eavesdropping equipment and summon the suspected for questioning. The flipside is a private detective is free of official duties and is thus able to conduct independent investigation or even opt out of any given job if having ‘personal animus’ toward his client.

We at BJS offer our services to companies who face issues with law-enforcement agencies and need their conflict to be settled with minimum losses and risks. Rich legal experience of our experts will help you find a solution in most intricate and complicated cases.

We offer you a full range of legal services related to the protection of business in the process of interaction with law-enforcement bodies. These conflicts and discrepancies may occur because of the lack of knowledge of current legislation, which leads to grave consequences for a company owner. Even if the company top executives are aware of some law nuances, they risk missing some details and minor aspects that are well-known to a true professional who is able to take them into account and act in a proper way.

BJS experts have extensive expertise in settling of disputes and conflicts with law-enforcement agencies, without violating any legal provision whatsoever. That is why our clients empower us to perform legal support of their businesses and represent their interests in most complicated conflicts.

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