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Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine and Kyiv


  • Obtaining of a Residence Permit in Ukraine
  • How to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit?
  • What documents are required for obtaining of a Residence Permit in Ukraine?
  • Price of a Residence Permit and the obtaining period


A Temporary Residence Permit is a document permitting residence in another country. The possession thereof enables citizens of the European countries, Russia (the Russian Federation), Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Poland etc. to work, to carry on business, to study, to be together with a beloved person, to acquire some rights exercised by Ukrainian citizens as well as to be permitted to obtain a credit and releases from the necessity to fill in various forms when crossing the border. An opened visa permits 45 – 180 days’ stay in the country, but if one has to stay longer obtaining of a Temporary Residence Permit is required.


How to obtain a permit for temporary residence in Ukraine?


The procedure of obtaining of temporary and permanent permit for residence in Ukraine is of high current importance but simultaneously of high complexity. Also, today one may observe a great influx of Russian citizens (immigrants from Sevastopol) who desire to obtain the Ukrainian citizenship.


The difficulties in obtaining of a Residence Permit may be an incorrectly written application, out-of-order or missing documents and papers. Sometimes, oral or written translation of the documents may be required. It is necessary to have a check-up and to obtain a registration with the Immigration Service and the Visa and Registration Offices.


Usually, a Temporary Residence Permit is issued for one year with the extension possibility. In addition, there is a list of conditions subject to which it is issued, to wit:


  • when either of spouses may invite the other spouse and the children
  • activities in scientific, educational and cultural development
  • employment
  • studies etc.


Due to the problematic and restless situation in Crimea, many people fell within the refugee status and don’t need obtaining of a temporary residence permit as they are Ukrainian citizens.


What documents are required for obtaining of a temporary permit for residence in Ukraine?


  • an application for obtaining of a temporary residence permit
  • a copy of the registration document
  • a copy of the passport with the D visa and the stamp attesting the border crossing
  • insurance
  • photos (3.5 X 4.5 cm)


Afterwards, having obtained a temporary certificate and a stay permit, upon expiration of the ten days’ period, one needs a temporary residence registration.


One shouldn’t miss the time for extension of the Temporary Residence Permit as after expiration thereof there will be problems with the stay in the country. It may be very difficult to solve the issues of obtaining of a temporary or permanent residence permit on ones’ own without missing many nuances without experience and legal practice.


Therefore, experts’ services may often be helpful.


The Detective Agency’s lawyers are willing to help in obtaining of a permit for residence in Ukraine as soon as possible and will provide:


  • full documentary support
  • services in many cities of Ukraine such as Odesa, Kyiv, Dnipro etc.


We guarantee:

  • lawfulness
  • confidentiality
  • solving of an issue of any complexity


Residence Permit obtaining time and price


The Residence Permit obtaining time and price depend on each specific case and the customer’s situation. The Detective Agency’s employees will provide with the rates and information on the cost of the services.


BJS’ primary legal practice is the immigration law in which we have been developing for ten years.


In Ukraine, our Company is one of the best in the issues of immigration into Ukraine (obtaining of a residence permit and the Ukrainian citizenship).


We may offer and ensure obtaining both temporary permit for residence and permanent permit for residence in Ukraine for our customers.




  • Integrated approach to rendering of the services:


You need only to sign the documents and to take your residence permit from the Immigration Service. We undertake preparation of all documents.


  • We undertake complicated situations:


We will help to legally remove the impediments to obtaining of a residence permit.


  • We will prepare grounds for a residence permit:


If you want to obtain a permit for residence in Ukraine but you have no grounds for it, it’s not a problem. Our Company’s lawyers will help to find and select suitable grounds and to attest it with documents.


  • The shortest possible time for obtaining of a residence permit (within 3 or more days);


  • Your minimal presence in Ukraine:


We arrange our work in such a way that the need in your presence in Ukraine will be reduced to minimum (only some visits to Ukraine).


  • Cashless settlement (international money transfer) from your country is possible:


You needn’t come to Ukraine to effect the advanced payment. You may effect an international payment (transfer), and we will start preparing the documents.


  • The highest possible confidentiality of the services:


For some customers, the decision to move to Ukraine is caused by political pressure or fears for life and health of their family in their native country. We guarantee the highest possible confidentiality of the services and reduce the probability of the information leakage to minimum.


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Our customers are from the following countries:




We constantly extend our presence areas involving local legal firms and visa centres in cooperation.

Sincerely, your reliable legal partner in Ukraine.


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