Assistance to foreign citizens in Ukraine

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Assistance to foreigners in Ukraine


  • Assistance to foreigners in Ukraine
  • Security of a business in Ukraine
  • Legal support in carrying out a business in Ukraine
  • Registration of foreigners in Kyiv and Ukraine


Most often, people coming to Ukraine from other countries, carrying out a business here or students don’t know many laws, legal nuances or the language which may result in their facing various difficulties. Issues may arise with registration, business competitors, the police, medical treatment etc.


Security of a business in Ukraine for foreign citizens


Many foreigners open or want to open their business in Ukraine. And this involves many risks. One of the issues is competition and information leakage. Competitors resort to various tricks in order to seize other’s information (theft of other’s projects using bugs etc.). Debtors who won’t fulfil their liabilities after a transfer of investments to partner companies or persons are another concern. All these require security checks.


Our Detective Agency will help in solution of various problems and issues. Our team includes the following experts:


  • experts in interaction with the law enforcement authorities and the public agencies of Ukraine
  • lawyers experienced in support of investments in Ukraine and having the employment experience with international holdings


Our Detective Agency’s employees will give you a high-level advice on any issues you are interested in and help you to find the most suitable solution for each specific situation.


We may offer the following services in ensuring security of a business in Ukraine:


  • information support of investment projects
  • check-ups of Ukrainian companies and business partners prior to entering into agreements
  • check-ups of deals with immovable property and other assets
  • search of debtors and fraudsters, search of property
  • integrated study of Ukrainian companies and private persons
  • protection of a business and solution of corporate conflicts
  • study of competitors
  • check-ups of premises and vehicles for bugs
  • formation of databases (competitive intelligence)


What may the legal support of a business in Ukraine consist in?


  • advising foreign companies on the Ukrainian legislation
  • work with the public services of Ukraine
  • establishment of control over assets, protection from unlawful encroachments on assets
  • legal support of investment projects (obtaining of permits and registration of investments in Ukraine, entering into agreements, acquisition of participation interests)
  • obtaining of permissive documents and licenses in Ukraine, certification
  • support of export and import transactions (preparation and conclusion of agreements, obtaining of the customs clearance and passing of the border control)
  • high-quality administration of judicial cases
  • 24/7 lawyer’s services in criminal cases (protection from arrest, search etc.)
  • lawyer’s services in civil cases
  • immigration lawyer’s services (obtaining of a permit for residence in Ukraine, obtaining of the citizenship)


Foreigners in Ukraine and Kyiv – residence registration


When coming to Ukraine, Kyiv for studies, work or other reasons, a foreign citizen must have his/her residence registered (temporarily or permanently). The registration stamp is put in the respective document, and without it a foreigner cannot stay, reside, work and exercise the granted rights with no problems. In addition, an insurance policy that will cover the costs of medical treatment in case of accidents or injuries is also important


Our Agency’s lawyers will render their services and help in the shortest time possible to prepare all necessary documents and applications, to solve any issues of residence registration, insurance etc. always in compliance with the law.

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