Detective services (for private persons)

Private detective’s services for a private person

Unfortunately, people around us not always sincerely devoted to us and have good intentions. And if there are suspicions, the Detective Agency will help to verify them by rendering the respective services and acting according to the law. The verification will help to protect yourself, your family members and home from a danger.

The Detective Agency’s services for a private person include:

  • check-up for listening-in of apartments and cars;
  • study of individuals (search of people);
  • private investigations;
  • providing an alibi;
  • verification of deals with immovable property;
  • detection of outdoor surveillance of a person or a car;
  • legal assistance in solution of conflict situations with law enforcement authorities;
  • services in exposure of adultery;
  • surveillance abroad;
  • check-up of the home staff;
  • confidential assignments.


Our Detective Agency renders services for private persons both in and outside Ukraine. These are the countries of the European Union, America, Russia etc. Our employees will help to solve the most delicate and complicated tasks. When necessary, they will do it in the shortest time possible and with different confidentiality status, taking into account all the customer’s wishes and circumstances.


Detective services for a customer


The Detective Agency, for fulfilment of tasks of its customers, offers services of such professionals as lawyers, detectives, advocates, psychologists as well as technical devices etc. The fee depends on each specific case, the given task and technical devices used in investigations.


The Detective Agency will take care of safety of people around you in personal and everyday life.

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