Obtaining of the Ukrainian citizenship: terms, prices and conditions

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How to obtain the Ukrainian citizenship?


  • How may a foreigner obtain the Ukrainian citizenship?
  • Grounds and requirements for obtaining of the citizenship
  • How to obtain the citizenship?
  • How much does it cost to obtain the citizenship?
  • Terms of obtaining the Ukrainian citizenship


The conditions required for adoption of the Ukrainian citizenship are specified in the ACT OF UKRAINE ON CITIZENSHIP as well as in the Decree No. 215 of the President of Ukraine dated 27th March 2001 ON THE ISSUE OF ARRANGEMENT OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ACT OF UKRAINE ON THE UKRAINIAN CITIZENSHIP.


Citizenship is a legal bond between a person and a state which creates mutual rights and obligations of a person and a state.


Obtained citizenship entitles to exercise all rights of a Ukrainian citizen such as participation in the elections of the President of Ukraine, local authorities etc. as well as binds to fulfil the duties described in the Constitution.


Grounds and requirements for obtaining of the citizenship


There may be the following grounds and conditions for obtaining of the citizenship:


  • being born in Ukraine
  • territorial origin
  • being enfranchised as a Ukrainian citizen
  • restoration of the Ukrainian citizenship
  • acquisition of the citizenship as a result of adoption
  • acquisition of the citizenship as a result of establishment of guardianship (tutelage)
  • other grounds regulated by the Act


There are certain requirements for obtaining of the Ukrainian citizenship:


  • filing an application of a standard form at the locality of registered residence
  • compliance with the Constitution of Ukraine
  • uninterrupted legal residence in the territory of Ukraine over 5 years
  • immigration permit
  • knowledge of the Ukrainian language for communication
  • legal income for living
  • renunciation from citizenship of another country attested by a submitted statement of renunciation (double citizenship is prohibited by the Ukrainian legislation)


Getting Ukrainian citizenship


For obtaining the Ukrainian citizenship, foreigners, immigrants, refugees and Russian citizens should comply with all legally set requirements and rules. The procedure is very labour-intensive and taking a lot of force and time.


One needs to collect a full set of documents issued by various authorities.


For an incompetent person, especially, a foreigner, it is very difficult to grasp all nuances of the effective legislation of our country and to fill in all applications correctly.


Our Agency’s qualified experts will provide their services and, after analysis of your situation, will give a detailed advice and will help you to find the best grounds for obtaining of the citizenship.


The Agency’s experienced lawyers will competently help to compose a petition, applications and to promptly collect the necessary set of documents meeting the requirements for obtaining of the Ukrainian citizenship.


In each specific case, all legal nuances are taken into account.


The options that are the most acceptable for a customer will be selected which options will have the time limits for completion of the procedure.


Currently, there are two ways to obtain the citizenship: compact and standard procedures. The compact procedure of obtaining of the citizenship applies when the customer’s closest relatives (parents, children, grandmother, grandfathers, grandchildren, siblings) are Ukrainian citizens.


The completion period is 1 month.


The standard procedure of obtaining of the citizenship by a foreigner is rather complicated. The decision on granting the citizenship is made personally by the President of Ukraine with subsequent issue of the respective decree.


The completion period may run up to about 1.5 years.


For the residents of the temporarily occupied territories (Donetsk, Lugansk, Crimea), the occupation doesn’t lead to the loss of the Ukrainian citizenship.


With a passport or other documents attesting the birth in these territories of Ukraine, our lawyers will help a customer to obtain a biometric passport for visa-free trips to Europe.


How much does it cost to obtain the Ukrainian citizenship and what are the terms?


The cost of the services and the price are defined by our Agency’s experts individually for each customer based on complexity of the specific situation.


For each specific case, individual and qualified approach as well as accurate and professional fulfilment within the shortest time possible is guaranteed.


Obtaining of the Ukrainian citizenship may take in average up to 1 year. There is also a possibility to obtain the citizenship within the shorter period subject to the presence of direct relatives who are or previously were Ukrainian citizens. In order to obtain a qualified advice according to your individual case and a full list of documents required for obtaining of the Ukrainian citizenship, you need to turn to us by phone or by sending a letter.


Our employees will help you to select the most convenient and reliable way of obtaining of the citizenship and prepare the full set of the required documents.

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