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Proof of the child’s citizenship in Ukraine


  • How to prove the child’s Ukrainian citizenship?
  • How to obtain a certificate for the child’s citizenship?
  • What documents are necessary for the compact procedure?
  • What documents are required from foreigners to obtain the Ukrainian citizenship for their child?
  • The term and the price of obtaining of Ukrainian citizenship for a child


The child’s citizenship proving procedure is compulsory when obtaining the Ukrainian citizenship for him/her and is required for such child’s parents if they want to obtain a permit for residence in Ukraine based on their child’s Ukrainian citizenship.


There is a legal procedure in Ukraine set by the legislation that determines the main circumstances when the child’s citizenship is to be proved.


For obtaining of the Ukrainian citizenship, the Ukrainian legislation provides certain grounds. They are specified in the Citizenship Act.


One of such grounds is the child’s birth in the territory of our country.


The Act says that children born in the territory of Ukraine are Ukrainian citizens. If both parents of the child born are Ukrainian citizens the child’s citizenship needn’t be proved.

However, there may be a lot of cases in real life when either of parents is a Ukrainian citizen and the other one is a foreigner or both parents are foreigners who legally reside in the territory of the state. The children born to such unions in the territory of Ukraine are given birth certificates.


A new-born’s certificate is doesn’t mean an automatic obtaining of the Ukrainian citizenship. Subsequently, the Ukrainian citizenship proving procedure is needed for such children, based on which the parents are given the respective certificate. The same procedure of proving the Ukrainian citizenship applies to children born abroad to foreigners without the Ukrainian citizenship but who legally reside in the territory of Ukraine and to children of refugees. This certificate is necessary for obtaining a travel passport for the child in case of a foreign trip. In the future, this certificate will be the child’s grounds for adoption of either parent’s citizenship and obtaining of the passport when he/she comes of full age.


How to obtain a Ukrainian citizenship certificate for a child?


In order to obtain such certificate, one should undergo the legal procedure set by the Ukrainian law.


The Citizenship Act of Ukraine Article 7 says that all children born starting from 2001 either parent of whom is a citizen of another state shall prove their Ukrainian citizenship.


The certificate of registration as a Ukrainian citizen is issued by a local body of the State Immigration Service of Ukraine. The application should be filed by the child’s representative at the locality of residence.


Our Agency’s qualified experts offer their services in such Ukrainian cities as Kyiv, Odesa and Kharkiv.


Our experienced lawyers will give an individual advice on the issues of availability of the grounds for proving the citizenship of your child and will explain the entire procedure of proving. They will help to collect the full set of documents required for such procedure within the shortest time possible. They will help to correctly and skilfully compose the applications and the petitions in compliance with the requirements with the clearly described grounds for obtaining of the citizenship enclosed.


Documents required for the child’s citizenship proving in Ukraine


If either of parents is a Ukrainian citizen, a compact proving procedure is admissible.


Proving the child’s citizenship requires the following documents:


  • an application from the parent who is a Ukrainian citizen
  • the child’s birth certificate (for foreigners, translated into Ukrainian)
  • the parents’ marriage certificate, statement of renunciation from or absence of the child’s another citizenship
  • the parents’ passports


The following documents are required from foreigners:


  • an application from the child’s parent or representative
  • the parents’ foreign passports translated into Ukrainian
  • the child’s birth certificate with the translation
  • certificate of no citizenship of another state
  • the child’s photos


Terms and cost of the services


The terms and the cost of the services are individual in each specific case depending on complexity of the situation.


The term of completion depends on the grounds available for obtaining of the citizenship. Taking advantage of our Company’s services, you may reliably prove the child’s citizenship (obtain a certificate of registration as a Ukrainian citizen) within the shortest time possible.

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