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How may a foreigner obtain a permit for employment in Kyiv and Ukraine?


Permit for employment of a foreigner in Ukraine

What documents are required for employment?

What is the price of obtaining of the documents for a foreigner in Ukraine?

Terms for obtaining of the documents and references

When are the permits unnecessary?


Many foreign citizens from such countries as Russia, Armenia, Georgia etc. want to work or open their business in Ukraine or Kyiv.


But non-resident’s legal work in Ukraine and Kyiv requires a permit.


A permit for employment in Ukraine is a document entitling foreign citizens and stateless persons to legally work in the territory of Ukraine within 1 calendar year with a possibility of extension.


In 2013, the procedure of obtaining of an employment permit in Ukraine was changed, and in February 2017, there were some modifications too.


The Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine provides the procedure of obtaining of a permit for employment in Ukraine by foreign citizens. It is usually issued by a regional employment centre for the period of one year with a possibility to extend for up to 4 years. Each extension requires filing of a new application 30 days before expiration of the previous application.


Documents required for employment of foreign citizens


The permit obtaining procedure is usually problematic due to the difficulties with collection and preparation of heaps of documents, references, extracts etc. which must be timely submitted in a correct manner in compliance with the law and the regulations.


The document obtaining procedure depends on the foreigner’s employment type, and the procedures of obtaining of a permit for employment in Kyiv and Ukraine slightly differ.


The list of documents for employment of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Ukraine:


  • an application
  • a certificate of verification by special services
  • two 3.5 x 4.5 colour photos
  • a power of attorney
  • certificates of no indebtedness and taxes having been paid
  • a copy of a company’s articles of association
  • a copy of a certificate of education
  • a copy of a travel passport etc.


Documents issued in other states must be translated into Ukrainian and certified in compliance with the issuing country’s legislation.


In 7 days after filing of an application, it is considered and a resolution is adopted.


The cost of a permit for employment in Ukraine for foreigners and the term of obtaining


The term of obtaining of a permit for employment in Ukraine after the procedure of submitting the set of documents is 30 days.


The term is set in accordance with the employment permit issuance procedure. The price for consideration of an application filed is 4 minimal wages.


Our Detective Agency’s service prices depend on availability of the documents and each individual customer’s situation.


Our BJS Detective Agency’s lawyers will professionally and legally assist in:


  • employment of foreign citizens in Ukraine and Kyiv
  • opening a visa
  • obtaining and preparation of the required documents
  • support of the collected documents
  • completion of a task of any complexity and in any situation
  • completion of tasks within the shortest time possible


Our lawyers will advise you on any issues you may be interested in. In addition, our experts’ assistance will be helpful in getting rid of unnecessary run-around, difficulties and concerns.


When is an employment permit unnecessary?


The cases of foreigners’ employment that don’t require obtaining of an employment permit are:


  • persons having a permit for permanent residence in Ukraine
  • persons having the official refugee’s status or granted the right of asylum
  • employees of foreign fleet, airlines and mass media
  • employees of representative offices of foreign companies
  • professional sportsmen, actors, artists etc.
  • employees of emergency services
  • clergymen
  • employees participating in international technical assistance projects
  • lecturers to work in public institutions of higher education


In all other cases, the employer must obtain an employment permit for a foreigner or a stateless person in Ukraine.

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